I thought yesterday was hot. Well, things didn’t get any better for me nor the field today, as temperatures quickly soared into the mid-90s by midday. Today’s route, some 47 miles of gravel fireroads, asphalt, and a sections of singletrack would have been a blast to ride on a less-brutal day. However, the heat definitely had many racers questioning what remained of their sanity as they cranked their way up the numerous long, grinding climbs, completely exposed to the merciless rays of the sun. I also suffered in the heat as the air simply did not move today, leaving me drenched in sweat wherever I lay in waiting to ambush the field as they went by. I also battled the swarms of gnats, mosquitoes, horseflies that sought to drain my body of blood. However, I managed to click off some more great shots today despite the sweltering heat, swarms of insects, and the sheer distance the course covered today.

Now, for the race! While the majority of the field was able to complete the route as planned, there were a few who decided to call their days early: Tanner Davis, the 11 year old wonderchild made a wrong turn in on the pavement in Coburn; Peter Buckland of Freeze Thaw succumbed to the gremlins of heat exhaustion after 2 solid stages; and Karen Potter, the winner of the Prologue stage, found herself sidelined by what seemed to be either a stomach bug or perhaps even symptoms of heat exhaustion.

From the start of the race, a lead group of men (dare I say, peloton) formed that contained riders such as Kris Sneddon (Kona), Jeremiah Bishop and Alex Grant (Cannondale), Jason Sager (Jamis), and Justin Lindine (BikeReg.com/Scott). Sager attempted to launch an attack up Mountain Church Road, however he was eventually reeled back in by the rest of the group. From thereon, the group largely managed to stick together, with each rider coming through the tunnel at Poe Paddy in rapid succession. After the tunnel, though, on the way up to Penn’s View Sager turned up the heat once more, with Bishop bridging, and the rest of the riders popping off the back. Both Bishop and Sager were able to make this last break stick, and at the finish, it was Sager across the line first at 2:54:26, with Bishop in second at 2:54:28. Bishop remains in the lead for the men’s open GC with a total time of 6:55:52. Kris Sneddon of Kona sits in second, 8 minutes back at 7:03:57.

In the women’s field, Amanda Carey (Kenda/Felt) rode away from the rest of the women, establishing a commanding 7-minute lead over second place Selene Yeager (Team CF) by the end of the race, with a final time of 3:30:20. Vicki Barclay (Freeze Thaw/NoTubes) rode well today, finishing in third at 3:38:48. After her strong performance today, Amanda Carey has now established a solid lead in the women’s GC standings with a total time of 8:29:04. Selene Yeager moves up to second in the overall at 8:37:03, and Vicki Barclay is 6 minutes back in third, at 8:43:16.

Official race results, GC standings, race photos, and today’s race report can be found on the TSEpic website here.
Also, you can find video footage of all the on-course action courtesy of Cyclingdirt.org here.

More images and video footage courtesy of both myself and Abe Landes can be found here.

The routine changes up tomorrow as everyone heads southwest for 40.5 miles on the swoopy singletrack of the Allegrippis trails at Raystown Lake, in Huntingdon, PA. Stay tuned!

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