One day down in this year’s edition of the Trans-Sylvania Epic. Only 6 more to go.

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering… what exactly is the TSE? Well, it’s merely a grueling 7-day stage race that attracts some of the best riders in the nation to the most challenging terrain the beautiful state of PA has to offer. While I may not be racing it, I am photographing it. Abram Landes (of A.E. Landes Photography) and I have joined forces as the official event photographers put in charge of documenting this year’s masochistic all-terrain sufferfest. So, you can rest assured that there will be plenty of awesome photos to go around this year.

Today’s stage was a deceptively tough 12.5 mile prologue loop run in a time-trial fashion with 1 minute release intervals. While today’s course paled in comparison to the other stages that are on the roster for the rest of the week, the heat and humidity certainly did their best to drain the spirits of many. However, neither muck nor muggy weather could stop Jeremiah Bishop (Cannondale) as he cruised his way into the lead with a blistering 47:56 time for the stage, 4 minutes or so ahead of the rest of the field. In the women’s field, Karen Potter (MTBRacenews) rolled in at 1:01:13, just a bit more than half a minute ahead of the defending women’s champion, Selene Yeager (Team CF).

For the full race report, race results, and photos, check out the TSEpic website: TSEpic 2011 Results – Stage 1. Also, below, you will find a small preview gallery of a few of my own images from today’s stage.

If you still find yourself craving more TSE2011 media, check out the video slideshow that contains images from both Abe and I: Trans-Sylvania Epic 2011: Day 1 – Prologue Stage

Tomorrow the racers roll out of Seven Mountain Scout Camp at 9:30AM en route to cover 42.5 miles of trail and fireroad in the Cooper’s Gap region of Rothrock. Stay tuned!

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